Each student is unique, and the Health & Counseling Center (HCC) staff is passionate about helping students be the best version of themselves. Our clinicians listen and assess in a compassionate way, and make recommendations that align with the student's goals. A concern may be resolved in a single session or additional sessions may be scheduled. If a student’s concern requires counseling beyond the scope of the HCC's resources, community resources will be provided through case managment services.       


  • 为现有客户提供预约时间: 肝癌临床医生将学生直接选择通过电话或视频会议联系见面,或者重新安排或取消约会。  
  • 新客户: 请拨打我们的主要咨询数量在512-448-8538安排一个电话分流与肝癌临床医生。肝癌临床医生将评估最合适的治疗方案,其中可能包括电话/视频会议,危机服务或转介/资源。见下文我们咨询产品的完整菜单。



  • 案例管理
  • 磋商
  • Counseling Groups & Workshops
  • 危机干预
  • 个别辅导
  • 摄入量的评估
  • 电话分流
  • 单会话
  • 稳定和转诊


  • 在工作时间: 致电512-448-8538咨询服务。 
  • 下班后和周末: 拨打UPD在512-448-8444达到随叫随到的辅导员。 


The Health & Counseling Center offers practicum training for doctorate-level graduate students in APA or regionally accredited clinical and/or counseling psychology programs as well as an internship training opportunity for students in Master's of 社会工作 programs. 学到更多 约在ST提供的培训机会。大发体育的健康与咨询中心。


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